Below are our products and services through our payment solutions:

  • Payment for goods and services: FlexyPay allows you to pay for your needs using your Jio wallet, credit or debit cards. Individuals and or businesses can register with us by providing the KYC information; users will be allowed to pay Education fees like school, college, training institute etc., Rent and Maintenance charges of commercial/ residential properties, Hostel fees, Salaries and Vendor Payments for their supplies and services.

  • Request payments: Similarly, Individuals and organizations can accept credit /Debit card payments from their customers, Vendors or payees without having a PoS or a website.
    All you have to have is, update your bank account on your FlexyPay profile and make sure you know the payers mobile number and Email id.

  • Last minute payments: We discovered there are some situations whereby user needs to perform a transaction on last minute due to one reason or the other and the payee should get the amount remitted to their bank account the same day but the usual card payment processing takes minimum 2-3 banking days of time. FlexyPay can support those who come to us on a day like this,by offering “Express Settlement” regardless of the day whether it is on Sundays or holidays.

  • If you own a home-based business, a rent receipt is a must. Most likely, the portion of your home that you use solely for business qualifies for a host of deductions requiring proof of your rent.

    Either you are an individual or a home based business, you need rental receipts, therefore use our rental receipt generation tool for free and get the receipts signed by the landlord and use them.

    Avoid making rent payments using cash. Pay using FlexyPay, a more convenient way to pay rent even while you are running short of funds and also get you a solid proof of rental payment.

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