The object of Flexypay is to support payers during their financial hardships paying recurring payments like Rent, Maintenance, Education fees and to various Suppliers, Vendors.

Also allows individuals and unregistered businesses like freelancers, professionals like Lawyers and Charted Accountants, Professional trainers etc.. accept credit card payments without any hardware or software. If you have a bank account, you can accept credit card payments.

By using Credit card, one will get interest free credit for up to 45 days as you will be paying the card bill on time, helps you getting CIBIL score improved and this indirectly helps getting faster approvals of loans when needed. Besides, you will also be getting reward points and cash backs from the card issuing banks.

Rent, Maintenance, School , College fee, Contractor Payment, Pay for anyinvoice, Professional Charges ,Salary payments, Supplier, Vendor. Pay anyone for anything.

NO. The beauty of flexypay is one can register themselves, pay anyone and collect from any one.

No. They would be getting the money into their bank accounts without paying a single penny.

Registration and Profile

The Reserve bank of India has made it mandatory to collect the KYC (know your customer) as we are facilitating the fund transfer. It is just to know who is sending money to whom. That’s it. So despite its mandatory to provide KYC, there is nothing to worry.

No, RBI has made KYC mandatory to prevent money laundering and make sure official banking channels are not being used for any wrong purposes.

Our Income tax department, as per it’s recent statement, trusts us a lot. It checks the records of only 10% of the taxpayers when there are any suspicious activities done by them.


It is purely based on the settlement type you have chosen while doing the payment and you will be seeing the options.

Yes, Select Express settlement so that amount gets settled within few hours on all 365 days.


We will not charge you anything but card processing companies and payment gateways charges based on the payment instrument.

Card processing fee is something either payee or payer has to bare. When it comes to selling a product or service, there is a price for it and this price includes these charges.

Some platforms like IRCTC, LIC charges the customer card processing charges collected by the bank.

Flexypay is not selling anything and just providing a software to make the payments therefore , we add the card processing fee to the bill amount.

Payment Instruments

The minimum amount you can pay is Rs 100 and there is no upper limit for Regular and Economy Settlements but for Express settlement, the limit Is Rs. 1,99,000

Rs. 9,500 per month per wallet

Credit cards of MasterCard, Rupay and Visa issued in INDIA are accepted .For other cards like Amex, JCB pls chose any wallets available on our payment gateway and there you can use them.

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