What is flexypay.in

Flexypay is a platform that supports payers during their financial hardships by solving a common problem of transacting in a convenient, quick and secure way using their credit cards irrespective of their cards’ acceptance. Contrary to conventional ways, Flexypay works as a payment gateways for individuals and allows them to pay or transact business using credit or debit cards, wallets or rewarding points for each type of payment such as home/office CAM charge, contractors payment, building maintenance, real estate agent payment, event management fees, hostel fees, school and college fees and other related payments that are in accordance with the RBI rules.

We are committed to making payments work out, being the platform behind the payment and always concerned about the payers, not the payments. Flexypay is an Information Technology Enabled System for Service (ESS) based payments gateway..

What prompted this move?

This platform was inspired when we saw a lot of people struggling for recurring as well as some certain type of unexpected payments and they were looking around for help. People were going around with their credit cards, wallets, and other retail payment means, and they were unable to use these credit cards for the payments of their education and hostel fees, Rent/ maintenance, CAM charges, vendor bills etc..

In today’s world of advancement, one of the advantages of payment technology was the arrival of credit and debit cards. The serenity with which credit or debit cards conform into your wallet and excellently control the demand to carry huge cash on you every time like before is a good innovation and of great benefit to the consumers.

Cards acceptability has also be observed to increase worldwide as close to 60% of consumers are making use of their cards for a different type of payments. India is not left out in this payment innovation as IT payment trend is on the increase compared to last decade. However, the trend of increment is not as expected compared to other continents of the world and this has been attributed to two reasons such as unavailability of a trusted service providers and societal preference for cash usage which have led to carrying of cash in purses, wallets or bags by many Indians.

Who is behind this?

Having studied the problem experienced by the people, we saw the need to come up with a solution; hence, FlexyPay. Flexypay is the product of Flexypay Solutions Pvt Ltd, a Hyderabad, India based IT Services Company. However, this current version is a better version that solves every payment problem. With this solution, we assist the Indian community to unleash the power of credit cards completely. Our platform is also mobile friendly, means that, with your credit or debit card and your cell phone, you are free to quickly make any payments at the comfort of your home.


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