We are 4 members from India and got settled in various places on the globe. 8 years ago, we used to go to software training institutions in India and we are well known with the mind of a job seeker. While we were in trails, we had lot of questions in our mind, so many problems while doing practice, preparing a resume for a particular position, facing interviews. That time we had almost NONE to help us. But now our situation has been changed and we at least can guide & assist a few. In order to help out we must know few details from you, off course, those are not related to your private life. Therefore we came up with this questionnaire website.


This website and survey has been designed for UN employed and looking for an opportunity.

Nobody will help us properly unless we explain them our situation. In the same way, NO expert can give us a solution unless we give our information. That is why we are conducting this survey. We specially designed this survey to help you in your challenges and give finest solutions to have bright future. We took this initiative a step ahead and made a few technical and HR professionals available on line to help you in getting a job.


You can have text, voice chat online and e mail interaction with our councilors, SMEs and HR professionals. By that you may have chances to overcome your present situations.

  • You will get assignments to get to know the real time work environment
  • You may have an opportunity to face mock technical and HR interviews
  • You will be getting hot job requirements from various companies and locations


  • We committed for individual’s data security therefore we never ask you Personal details like Name, Date of birth and Qualification.
  • No company can put you in blocklist without knowing your Personal details like name so there is no chance of sharing your data with any employer.
  • No other organizations, associations and companies are linked to this survey.
  • This is purely UN employment survey in order to assist /guide them.

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  • This is purely for research purpose and also to offer carrier guidance from professionals.
  • We are not intended to share your data with any body which may impact your job opportunities that is why we never asks for Name and DOB.
  • No other companies, associations or Organizations are linked to this survey.
  • If you believe we’ll do it, your opinions help you as well as your Near & Dear
  • Purely a “GUIDE” to every citizen